Yellow Springs, Ohio

Driving into Yellow Springs was akin to having dinner with favorite friends. The atmosphere was not so much shiny and polished, as it was thoughtful, comfortable, intellectual, and welcoming. If the town were a house it would be big and old, filled with books and newspapers, comfortable reading chairs, a crackling fire, and a prominent piano. A large pot of soup would simmer on the stove.

Home to Antioch College, Yellow Springs reflects the ethos of Antioch’s progressive roots. (Antioch was the first college in the U.S. to have a tenured female professor who earned equal pay with her male colleagues, was the first to have a tenured black professor, and had Martin Luther King Jr. as their graduation speaker in 1965.) The town celebrates cultural diversity, the arts, and intellectual pursuits, as evidenced by their public radio station, the art installations and galleries poised around town, the eclectic culinary options (Peruvian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern for starters), the ethnic shops, a children’s theatre workshop and a critically acclaimed Chamber Music series –just to name a few.

Furthermore, Yellow Springs is situated 2 miles from John Bryan State Park, the Little Miami River, and the Clifton gorge. It falls on one of the spokes of a 237-mile scenic bike path that runs through town, and is adjacent to the Glen Helen Nature Preserve and Raptor Center, offering many possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, anglers, birders, climbers, bikers, and paddlers, can all find something to suit their fancy in this Ohio town. Yellow Springs was even named one of Outside Magazine’s “Best Small Towns” in 2009!

After a long scouting trip for real, small towns, we knew we had found a gem when we rolled into Yellow Springs!

Quick Facts

Population: 3,761
Avg Temp in January: 34/18
Avg Temp in July: 84/65
Known for: Miami River Scenic Bike Trail, Arts, Outdoors, Hiking, Biking, Antioch College, Progressive Spirit



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