Received with Love

It snowed here in Wisconsin on Saturday, April 27th. Not being much of a winter person myself, the extended season of cold and gray is enough to make me pretty darn cranky. But the people here in the Driftless region are strong and resilient and know how to make fun in the face of adversity. “Loose Lips” a community-wide lip-sync contest and annual fundraiser for the Youth Initiative High School is one of my favorite, uplifting events of the year. Some of the acts are legitimately pro, others are more amateur. But every single person gives 100 percent and it shows. It is an evening of pure delight and community celebration. Having grown up in a highly competitive city environment, and being one who always prefers to be backstage, I am in awe as I sit in our small community and bask in the warmth of an audience so full of love and appreciation for performers who are willing to be vulnerable: standing in judgment, gyrating, costuming, and (mock) bellowing in front of 100+ people and even the mayor as a judge. This is the ❤️ of our community.

Moreover, my dear friend, Drew Shonka, who always manages to capture the essence of an experience, continues the spirit of community by sharing his beautiful photos! (I challenge you to find the cross-dressers, the science teacher, the sisters team, the mayor, and the developer of this website!)




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