Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Driving southwest on Highway 44 from Oklahoma City, one sees a small cluster of craggy mountains poking up through the otherwise vast plains of tranquil landscape. Point yourself in that direction and you will land in the interesting, historic town of Medicine Park, O.K.  Established in 1908 as a tourist destination for Texans and Oklahomans to escape the blistering heat, this cobblestone creek-side community sits perched on the edge of Lake Lawtonka and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and maintains much of the charm that deemed it a bustling tourist destination in the 1920s. The cobblestone walls, cabins and walkways, alongside the babbling brook signal a slower, simpler time in our history. Outside of town, the vast beauty of Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge beckons bikers, hikers, climbers and wildlife-watchers, all. Lake Lawtonka offers relief from the hot summer temperatures in the form of beaches, camping and all varieties of water-based recreation. If you find yourself passing through this area of the country, it is definitely worth a visit to the area.

Quick Facts

Population: 400
Avg Temp in January: 50/26
Avg Temp in July: 96/73
Known for: Interesting Historic Town, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge



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