Silver City, New Mexico

The sleepy nature of Silver City is most likely the result of the the fact that it is far off the beaten path —four hours from Albuquerque and three from Tuscon; nestled in the heart of the Gila National Forest. But its languid pace belies the dynamic offerings and, even more so, the great potential that rests there.
At its heart, Silver City is a sleepy little town, beautifully isolated in a spectacular wilderness, with something for everyone — a large variety of recreational offerings, a number of creative, locally-minded chefs, and a robust arts scene. For those who enjoy hiking, biking, or horseback riding, there are thousands of acres and hundreds of routes to explore, and adventures for all levels of fitness and experience. For those who prefer a comfortable bed to camping, there is a large variety of comfortable accommodations in and around Silver City, in addition to a number of laudable restaurants for first-rate meals. For those who prefer to stay back with a good book, the sleepy little town has 2 nice coffee houses in addition to several interesting galleries representing a wide range of notable local talent, a historic museum, and several shops in which to linger.

For those who love to explore hidden treasures, Silver City is quietly pleasing, moving at its own pace of development with great potential in store.

Quick Facts

Population: 10,300
Elevation: 5895 ft
Avg Temp in January: 53/26
Avg Temp in July: 87/59
Known for: Arts, Hiking, Biking, Birding, Fishing, Gila National Forest



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