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cafeEvery Monday we donate 10% of our sales to programs in Salida we believe make this town amazing. We support anything from school groups to ski clubs to horse rescue to the mentors program because, well, they support us and honestly it’s the right thing to do.

Dough. We like dough. It fits well in wallets and tastes good under cheese. We like to think we’ve got some good dough. We make pizza crust, we make sandwich bread, and we make finely crafted dog sweaters. Alright, we don’t make the last one, but we COULD if we wanted to. We take pride in the freshness of our dough and veggies. Our dough was made today. It wasn’t made in Topeka, frozen, shipped here, and warmed up. Ask who made it and he or she is probably in the kitchen.


Why no Straws? We know you didn’t get one. You’ll use them for about seven minutes and then we have to throw them away. It’s nothing personal. If you absolutely need one we’re happy to oblige, but we’re trying to reduce our non-recyclables, keep our landfills at a minimum, and keep plastic out of our oceans. Find a kid and ask them about plastic. Plastic pollutes our oceans and air, so we serve our beverages in glass. If you want to bring a kid cup from home, we’ll fill it up!

What, no Coasters? You’d be amazed at how many coasters we pick up off the floor. If our tables were Peruvian mahogany, inlaid with reclaimed oak from an historic church in New Brunswick, we’d say “heck yeah, give that pizza patron a coaster!” Let’s conserve together.

Hopefully you’re now thinking, “Wow Henrietta, these are some globally concerned restaurateurs.” But, then again, maybe you’re wondering about the lack of ice in the sodas? Are we trying to conserve ice bergs? Nope. We don’t even know any icebergs. Our soda’s are handmade with the finest extracts available, fantastic water and cane sugar. They’re served at cellar temps just like our beers, so you get a full flavored beverage that doesn’t need to be watered down. There’s a saying in Colorado, Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting. (We also have Whiskey, no fighting). If you want ice, just ask. We’ll not think less of you. Becoming a soda pop connoisseur takes time.


From all of us at Moonlight Pizza: Kick back, order another beer, enjoy the sunset, and don’t forget your leftovers! Peace.

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