Grand Marais, MN
“A little bit of magic on the shores of  Lake Superior”

Viroqua: “Wisconsin’s Best Kept Secret”


Opinion: In Defense of Place—Commitment builds Resilience

At the end of the day, I believe that investments in community are necessary for healing what ails us. The communities that Ms. Roggio applauds are thriving because people have committed to them…They have shown a willingness to stay through challenge and hardship in order to build something a little more lovely —even when it is a painstakingly slow process.

Editorial: Change the Story

“Choice-making beings of many possibilities, we humans live by shared cultural stories. They are the lens through which we view reality. They shape what we most value as a society and the institutions by which we structure power.”

Pete & Alycann Taylor —Lines of Connection

When you start building things for our youth, you bring everyone on board —parents get involved, schools get involved, and kids find meaning. THAT is what community looks like. When we step outside of our own little tribes and comfort zones to something that is a little bit bigger, when we layer our networks beyond the nucleus— that is where we find the true power of community.