Grand Marais, MN
“A little bit of magic on the shores of  Lake Superior”

Viroqua: “Wisconsin’s Best Kept Secret”


Pete & Alycann Taylor —Lines of Connection

When you start building things for our youth, you bring everyone on board —parents get involved, schools get involved, and kids find meaning. THAT is what community looks like. When we step outside of our own little tribes and comfort zones to something that is a little bit bigger, when we layer our networks beyond the nucleus— that is where we find the true power of community.

Finnriver Cidery — Head, Heart and Hands in a New Economy

The story of Finnriver Cidery reads like a good children’s fairytale, chock full of disciplined hard work, challenges overcome, and dreams come true. And if you read through their story, you will find inspired dreams weaving together a rich tale of people, land, food and economics that is both sustainable and fulfilling:

Truth and Beauty in Death and Dying

Since that terrible day in May, the way that our small, rural community deals with death and dying has been permanently altered. Many others have crossed over, some before their time. But increasing numbers of people are considering their final wishes, writing them down, and discussing them with kin. Many are choosing to die at home, in the presence of family and friends, and home funerals and green burial are also on the rise.