Grand Marais, MN
“A little bit of magic on the shores of  Lake Superior”

Viroqua: “Wisconsin’s Best Kept Secret”


The Parrish Family —Community Call and Response

How does a musically-gifted, racially-mixed family from Chicago make it in a rural Wisconsin town settled by Germans and Norwegians? Ted and Catherine Parrish, along with their two African-American children, weren’t sure it could be done. But they wanted to try.

We Need More Fruitcake! — Reinette Senum

It is hard to deny that [Reinette] cares deeply about her community and the people in it; that every action she takes is an effort to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves —the disenfranchised, the under-served, the animals, the earth.

Opinion: In Defense of Place—Commitment builds Resilience

At the end of the day, I believe that investments in community are necessary for healing what ails us. The communities that Ms. Roggio applauds are thriving because people have committed to them…They have shown a willingness to stay through challenge and hardship in order to build something a little more lovely —even when it is a painstakingly slow process.