Grand Marais, MN
“A little bit of magic on the shores of  Lake Superior”

Viroqua: “Wisconsin’s Best Kept Secret”


Cultivating Will —Zoe Drew-King

I had failed. And as soon as I had accepted this fact, I let go of feeling awful about it. I knew that it was more important for me, in that moment, to learn from this and move forward — to understand what had led me to choose failure and grow from it.

Just Say No —Matt Voz

Saying “no” in a small town is an act of humanity, with all the reward and responsibility that being human entails.

An Ode to Youth Initiative High School

And so, as our son moves through his final weeks at this lovely, oddball school and our family weathers yet another transition, I feel compelled to pay homage to the place where he, and we as a family, have learned so many valuable lessons —a place that has given us the opportunity to share meaningful work, humble work, love-filled work, with such an incredible community of people —those who have come before us as well as those who will follow.