How to Build a Village From the Ground Up — Right Where You Live, Right Now -by Liz Rog

How do we begin to dismantle the illusion of independence and to shine the light on all that we have to offer to each other, all that we need from each other, all the things that we can only do if we are together?

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Finnriver Farm & Cidery Update — A model of social, economic and environmental resilience

Approaching land, animals and humans with creativity and a collaborative spirit, the Finnriver team continues to use their tiny corner in western Washington to generate a new paradigm of social, economic, and environmental resilience for the future.

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Overcoming the Urban-Rural Chasm, for Everybody’s Sake —by Anthony Flaccavento

[I]t begins by finding practical ways to create healthy synergies between cities and the countryside, and by pursuing economic and ecological policies that don’t perpetuate unhealthy mutual dependency.

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Pierce Hill Performing Arts – A lifetime dream, realized.

With this care and attention to detail, PHPA is a gesture of love: love of artistic excellence, love of natural rural beauty, love of food, and the desire to share these wonderful things with the community.

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Wait —Wisconsin? Where is that again? by Ephraim Sutherland

Now when I hear someone say “flyover country,” I grimace at the term. How do I begin to tell my friends of all the interesting aspects of my community, even though I want to? How can I convince them that my town and all rural communities deserve more than a quick glance out of their plane as they fly from city to city?

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