Grand Marais, MN
“A little bit of magic on the shores of  Lake Superior”

Viroqua: “Wisconsin’s Best Kept Secret”


Just Say No —Matt Voz

But saying “no” in a small town is an act of humanity, with all the reward and responsibility that being human entails.

An Ode to Youth Initiative High School

And so, as our son moves through his final weeks at this lovely, oddball school and our family weathers yet another transition, I feel compelled to pay homage to the place where he, and we as a family, have learned so many valuable lessons —a place that has given us the opportunity to share meaningful work, humble work, love-filled work, with such an incredible community of people —those who have come before us as well as those who will follow.

An Invitation:

“A nation is not judged by how well the strongest in its midst can do but by how well it cares for the weakest and most vulnerable in its midst.”

How do you respond to what Parker says about the standard by which a nation should be judged? Do you agree that this is a good standard by which to measure ourselves? Are there examples in your community of caring for “the weakest and most vulnerable”? Are there ideas you have that could help strengthen the safety net in your community to further support its most vulnerable members?

Please weigh in with your thoughts and ideas about the ways in which we can support the most vulnerable among us.